Jware validates Trionis for dual to single bridge network connectivity

Source: Jware

Trionis, a European interbank processing network formerly known as Eufiserv, has validated Jware, a leading provider of solutions for innovative and service-oriented card processing management, to provide a complete Dual-to-Single Bridge solution.

Trionis, jointly owned by retail banks from nine European countries, the European Savings Banks Group, and First Data, operates a European interbank processing network that enables the switching of ATM and POS transactions on behalf of issuers and acquirers. Trionis has been commissioned by their business partners to develop, implement and operate a Bridge Technology that can convert dual message ATM transactions to single message transactions, which then can be routed from the Trionis Switch to other networks for processing the cards transactions. Trionis relies on Jware to develop and to provide this dual-to-single bridge technology.

One of the main requirements is that some global ATM and cash access switches operate using a single message transaction protocol, whereas several ATM networks in Europe operate using a dual message transaction protocol. In order to facilitate the participation of European ATMs and other ATMs in the world that operate on a dual message transaction protocol, Trionis was looking for a technology that was able to simplify the networks connectivity. This has to be achieved by the conversion of transactions generated in dual message transaction protocol to single message transactions protocol with the associated clearing central point.

"Jware was able to reply to our precise needs for network connectivity, allowing us to gain in flexibility on new services and interfaces implementation", said Christiaan Walraeve, COO of Trionis. "They supplied the bridge allowing us to meet the needs of issuers by being able to accept new card brands while at the same time widening the connectivity scope of our acquirers."

The Jware's real-time Dual-to-Single Bridge technology is based on the modern framework and software packages already developed and maintained by Jware, associated with some bespoke developments developed by Jware based on Trionis' specifications. It includes the Protocol Factory, the central point clearing engine, settlement reports, and networks protocols.

Pierre Antonio, vice-president sales & marketing of Jware, commented: "Jware has been very active as a software provider for issuers, acquirers and processors for a wide variety of card solutions systems. Increasingly, our clients are looking to us for all their secure transactions system needs. We are proud to have been selected by Trionis for providing this dual-to-single bridge technology. This highlights the while range of the Jware's solutions and capabilities."

The software was delivered with the framework being PCI DSS compliant.

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