Oracle Financial Services Software upgrades Flexcube Investor Servicing

Source: Oracle Financial Services Software

Oracle Financial Services Software today announced the launch of Oracle Flexcube Investor Servicing 9.0.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing 9.0 is a process enabled transfer agency and investor servicing solution that helps financial institutions manage the complete fund lifecycle and reduce operational costs through process automation across fund structures, intermediary hierarchies, and investors.

The new release provides a single, robust technology platform that will allow transfer agents and fund managers to sustain market lead and adapt to business challenges by:

  • Expanding business with support for managing popular variants of hedge funds like Simple, Master/Feeder, Fund of Funds and Side pockets;
  • Defining variety of equalization fee methods and supporting accrual and payment of equalization fees based on funds performance;
  • Enhancing STP by enabling comprehensive coverage of ISO 20022 SWIFTNet 4.0 messages and 15022 messages.

Oracle offers improved insight into operations for Compliance through Oracle Mantas' Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering Analytics software.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing today manages transfer agency and fund distribution function for its customers in more than 25 countries across the world.

Simplify Operations While Fostering Growth

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing offers a wide range of benefits for transfer agents and fund managers looking to leverage their wide channel and distribution networks by supporting complex retrocession and distribution commission models for upfront and trailer commission rules for intermediaries, including:

  • Support across multiple geographies with multi-entity, multi product, multi-currency, multi-lingual and multi-time zone capabilities;
  • Enablement of true cross-border transfer agency capabilities across markets supporting varied business models.

This new release also simplifies management of shared services across a service-oriented architecture (SOA) throughrough accelerated service configuration, integration, and deployment.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing has been integrated on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus for providing comprehensive reporting on transfer agency operations. With this integration, the solution enhances multi lingual & user-friendly reporting capabilities by supporting report labels in different languages.

Additionally, the new release includes integrations with Oracle Enterprise Service Bus that will help financial institutions seamlessly integrate with external systems.

Barrington Partners, an influential analyst organization for Financial Services states: "The distribution of mutual funds is changing dramatically in many markets. Whereas in the past, the industry was largely influenced by manufacturers, today intermediaries, supermarkets and aggregators have secured increasingly strong positions in the distribution of funds to a variety of investors through multiple channels. Transfer agency technology is concurrently changing the operation of the business with key goals being efficient investor servicing, automation and integration." - Bob Hollinger, Partner at Barrington Partners.

"Transfer agency systems are now expected to support multi-product, multi-company, multi-domicile and multi-currency offerings and provide bespoke reporting.". Organizations want to be able to integrate transfer agency solutions into their corporate infrastructure including image and workflow, auto faxing, private client and web portals. The ability to integrate with multiple straight-through-processing players is essential to maximize operational efficiencies. Moreover, the appetite for a single solution for both traditional products and hedge funds is increasing. Comprehensive transfer agency solutions will enable investment management firms to offer innovative products that will help them stay ahead of their competition." - Bill Hookings, London-based Barrington Partners

"Transfer Agents and Fund management companies today are constantly seeking innovative ways to sustain their market lead and respond rapidly to business challenges," said Joseph John, Executive Vice President, Oracle Financial Services Software. "Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing 9.0 is a comprehensive transfer agency and fund distribution system that can help transfer agents and fund management companies address their business challenges and manage complex workflow procedures effectively. With enhanced distribution, support for hedge funds and compliance to SWIFT Net messaging standards for the industry, this release should help transfer agents deliver success in their business."

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