Todos unveils online authentication products

Source: Todos

At a special event at Todos HQ today, the company unveiled three brand new products:

• Todos A100. A powerful smart card reader that's 3.9 mm thin. All the features, security and flexibility of Todos AB's advanced card readers in the smallest, most portable form factor. This new product is so convenient that it promises to be a big hit with banks worldwide.
• Todos A200 Optic. The ultimate in authentication but without the cables - talk about friendly e-banking. To authenticate sign-what-you-see transactions, the bank sends an animated barcode to the reader via a web browser. Light sensors in the device decode the details for confirmation on the A200 Optic. This ingenious system defeats the latest threats, such as man-in-the-middle attacks.
• Todos onCard. One-time password generator actually on a smart card - now we're talking minimalism. What could be more portable, flexible and smart? This innovative, stylish device is completely brandable - just like a credit card - making it one of the most desirable authentication devices you can get.

Plus a handful of product updates:
• Argos Mini II. New version of card reader works automatically with Windows 7, no driver install required. The Argos Mini is a sleek card reader for use in shops, banks or to control access to workstations. The new version is even easier to deploy, install and use.
• Todos bySMS. SMS-based authentication is on the rise, here's the industry's most secure alternative. We've super-charged our standard SMS solution with our unique Secure Domain Separation technology, mixed with a new take on Double Authentication functionality.
• Todos eCode Suite. Our market-leading back-end setup continuously keeps our customers up to date with the latest in digital security. The Versatile Authentication Server, the eBanking module and the eCommerce module have all been upgraded with PCI-DSS compliance.

VP Product Strategy Peter Gullberg also commented on the popular Todos onMobile series. The Java applet is already in use with many customers and runs on more than 700 phone models. In 2010 Todos will continue to add apps for popular smart phones. As part of a portfolio of authentication options, onMobile gives customers a super-portable choice when it comes to online security.

"We want to be the Apple of authentication," says Peter Gullberg. "These new products combine elegant design, friendly user interfaces and the latest technology. In an industry where many devices available only can be used by a geek and loved by their mother, Todos innovation continues to deliver breakthrough products that are easier to use, more secure, more flexible and - yes - more stylish."

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