Dow partners Revere on relational market data

Source: Dow Jones

A new agreement between Dow Jones & Company and Revere Data LLC provides traders an enhanced news source for analyzing and identifying trading, investing and hedging opportunities -- and allows them to move on that market information within milliseconds. Now, electronic traders, quantitative analysts and risk managers can gain a competitive edge by utilizing this combination of Dow Jones's market-moving industry news and information with Revere Data's Revere Relationships(TM) database.

As a result of the agreement, users of both the Dow Jones Elementized News Feed and the Dow Jones News & Archives text feed can uncover trading opportunities more comprehensively and quickly through integrating The Revere Relationships(TM) database. This data provides information on the interconnectedness of companies' relationships through their suppliers, customers, competitors, partners, key products, and locations as well as their business units and/or subsidiaries. Traders can build models based on these relationships, thereby uncovering opportunities which are not easily accessible when tracking companies through the use of conventional tools. The partnership allows traders to build models that will give them unique insight into market activity as it is happening.

"Institutional sales and trading professionals are constantly looking for an advantage, and the Dow Jones feeds paired with Revere Relationships(TM) changes how news flow can be accessed, interpreted, and utilized," said Joe Lanza, president of Financial Markets, Dow Jones & Company. "Since investment decisions are often highly dependent on the lag between events and their interpretation, the combination of real-time news with instantaneously available relationship information allows financial professionals to make smarter and faster trading decisions by gaining more comprehensive insights into markets before their competitors do."

"Overlaying Revere Relationships to the Dow Jones suite of news products provides firms with an information edge in understanding the context that a given piece of news has," said Kevin E. O'Brien, chief executive officer, Revere Data. "Our clients have been requesting this greater functionality -- specifically to understand how new information fits within a network of relationships and assist them in uncovering and testing investment ideas."

The Dow Jones Elementized News Feed is an ultra-low-latency feed that delivers economic and corporate news in precise and ddiscrete elements in XML-tagged fields. It eliminates the need to parse unstructured text, allowing trading models and computer programs to interpret and take action on breaking news within milliseconds. The historical news and data available through Dow Jones News & Archives for Algorithmic Applications is organized with the same content and metadata fields as the information in real-time feeds from Dow Jones, so users can easily map breaking news to archival data on an ongoing basis

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