GoPayforit rebrands as ImpulsePay

Source: ImpulsePay

The mobile payment service that provides a simple way for content owners to generate revenue, by directly billing users mobile phones, has now changed its name to ImpulsePay.

The change marks a new stage for the company after the recent success of its service, based on Payforit, that offers an alternative to credit card andPremium SMS payments.

Previously known as GoPayforit, the recently launched service has already proven to be incredibly popular with online content owners who have signed up in even greater numbers than was predicted. Mobile application developers, blogs, WAP sites and websites have been using ImpulsePay to charge for content, membership, physical goods - or anything they wish to sell.

ImpulsePay's service is based on Payforit - the payment service supported by all licensed UK mobile operators. Using Payforit, ImpulsePay collects payment directly from the user's mobile phone bill, or available credit if on PAYG, meaning anyone with a mobile phone can now buy content on their phone or online.

The Payforit service works on any handset in the UK and across all networks. When accessed on mobile websites, users make a purchase in just one click, with no additional information that needs to be entered. Payforit allows simple hyperlinks to the payments page and once the transaction is complete, it returns the user to the relevant page to receive their content.

One of the advantages of ImpulsePay to content owners is the simplicity of the service. Previously, online payments could only be completed using credit cards, Premium SMS or a dedicated service such as PayPal. However, these methods often proved to be complicated to set up and cumbersome for many potential customers.

Another key advantage is that the mobile websites which use Payforit find that the revenue split is similar to the 70:30 model offered by Apple's iPhone App Store, but works on both mobile and standard web sites.

The content owners that are using ImpulsePay are often doing so to avoid the complexity of setting up a credit card payment system. For many sites testing the business model for payment, the time and effort to set up a credit card payment system isn't worth the effort. On top of that, many potential customers don't have a credit card, or are not signed up to the specific payment service the website wants to use.

Whereas the issues with Premium SMS can be about the quality of the service. Sometime there can be difficulties with the delivery of the final content, especially when the user is in an area with poor mobile coverage as the messages can fail to be delivered.

"We've very succesfully created the market for this form of mobile payment for online content, in fact we've been even more successful than we imagined. Now it's time for phase two and the new name is part of that push," said Chris Newell, CEO of ImpulsePay.

The success of ImpulsePay, the UK's fastest growing Payforit provider, means that websites, application developers and blogs have a simple and easy to use process to establish a payment service - they can be set up and running within minutes using the easy integration option. Alternatively, comprehensive developer coding options are available for those wanting to do a more integrated setup or use custom branding.

ImpulsePay offers the widest range of tariffs, meaning you can find the right price point to match the content. On top of that, you will benefit from the ten day payment terms that are offered as standard, providing better cashflow for content owners.

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