KnoahSoft says call centre technology is PCI compliant

Source: KnoahSoft

KnoahSoft, the innovative provider of call recording, quality and performance management software for contact centers, today announced that Harmony 3.0 complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards.

"With all of the concerns about security today, particularly after some of the breaches that have compromised the information of so many consumers, it's important for companies to know that they are working with vendors and suppliers who will safe guard their customers' information as closely as they would guard their own," said Sri Myneni, CEO of KnoahSoft, Inc. "We've worked diligently to ensure that we have the best safeguards available, including those that meet PCI standards, which is critical for today's IP contact centers."

Among the security protections that KnoahSoft has implemented include:

-- Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption to protect recorded and archived data. AES 256-bit is the most reliable, efficient and strong encryption algorithm available today.
-- Ability for clients to move, archive and store end-customer data while also protecting unauthorized access from inside or outside the company.
-- Tight integration and synchronization with Active Directory for authentication and single sign-on.
-- Enhanced password policy setting, including automatic expiration, syntax settings and lockouts for unauthorized passwords to protect against computer-generated password attacks and poor password selection/management by employees.
-- Ability to mute or eliminate personal information from phone conversations and screen captures.
-- Audit trail information that helps trace and block system intrusion attempts.
-- Ability to watermark recordings so no tampering of recordings can occur.

"As a company trusted with the personal information of thousands of customers, it is essential that we work with business partners like KnoahSoft that have the same attention to detail in its security precautions as we do," said Tom Ripley of Agora Marketing.

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