HSBC offers online customers free Rapport security software

Source: Trusteer

With the passing of the recent milestone of 50 per cent of internet users banking online, it's not surprising that criminals are upping their efforts to target consumers via the internet.

So in order to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters, HSBC has introduced 'Rapport' a new piece of software to protect its customers.

HSBC is recommending its customers download Rapport, the new security software. Available from HSBC's personal internet banking site, Rapport is free of charge and simple to install, working with both PCs and Macs. The software protects customer data and prevents fraudulent activity by locking down browsers to prevent unauthorised access to web pages and to the confidential information that flows through the browsers.

The new software is not designed to replace customers' antivirus or firewall packages, but to act in conjunction with them and protect the customer's browser against financial malware attacks and fraudulent phishing websites.

As Nick Staib, HSBC's digital security manager commented: "Download rates have surpassed our most optimistic expectations. I am delighted that so many customers share our interest in keeping personal and banking details safe." He added: "Rapport is software that I use myself and I am happy recommending to friends".


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