Georgetown Savings Bank tackles ID theft with LifeLock

Source: LifeLock

LifeLock announces that Georgetown Savings Bank has renewed its commitment to the well-being and peace-of-mind of its customers by offering free identity theft protection with select accounts.

The unique offering is the result of a partnership with LifeLock, Inc., the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection, to provide free identity theft protection for new customers signing up for GSB Prime and GSB 24/7 Checking.

"We believe identity theft is one of the most serious threats to an individual's reputation and financial security today," said Robert Balletto, President of Georgetown Savings Bank. "No one else in our market is taking this extra step to protect customers' personal information. We believe so strongly in the importance of taking every measure possible to help protect personal information that we are even offering LifeLock memberships to all of our employees."

Georgetown Savings Bank customers who sign up for a GSB Prime or GSB 24/7 Checking Account will receive one free LifeLock identity theft protection membership for the life of the account. In addition, family members can receive a discounted rate off LifeLock® service. Georgetown Savings Bank will also provide LifeLock protection to all bank employees, free of charge. This unique offering provides an opportunity for customers and employees to take advantage of the identity theft protection service and understand how to help protect themselves from this growing crime.

"Consumers look to financial institutions every day to house their personal information and keep their finances secure," said Todd Davis, LifeLock Chairman and CEO. "LifeLock is in the business of helping to safeguard consumers from the threats of identity theft, and it is crucial that private information is kept private. This partnership is a perfect marriage, allowing Georgetown Savings Bank customers and employees the opportunity to understand first-hand how their information is better protected by LifeLock."

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