Fixnetix connects to Burgundy

Source: Fixnetix

Fixnetix, the leading provider of ultra-low latency market data and trading infrastructure connectivity services, now offers a direct market data feed and trading access to Burgundy, the regional multilateral trading facility (MTF) for Nordic securities.

Traders can use Fixnetix's 10 GB+ point-to-point high-speed fibre backbone network to connect with the new trading platform, which is looking to reach a market share of 25 percent in Sweden this year.

Fixnetix also offers a direct market data feed from Burgundy, taking advantage of its high bandwidth provision to provide traders with realtime level 1 and/or level 2 market data exactly as it leaves the Nordic MTF, with every tick every time and no spikes in times of high market activity.

"Fixnetix is widely recognised as one of the market's leading providers of ultra-low latency market data and trading infrastructure capabilities. We're delighted that the company's expanding customer base of investment banks, prime brokers and high frequency trading firms can now connect and trade directly on Burgundy," commented Burgundy's CEO, Olof Neiglick. "Fixnetix offers another important route for the growing number of investors demanding ultra-low latency access and market data from the increasingly fragmented Nordic equities market."

"At Fixnetix we're committed to providing our customers with market data and trading access to the broadest range of liquidity sources, and we're pleased to add Burgundy to our growing portfolio of MTF trading venues," added Fixnetix's Chief Executive Officer, Hugh Hughes. "Burgundy has been developed to provide participants and investors with more cost-effective Nordic securities trading, and we look forward to helping our customers to connect with this important Nordic MTF, and benefit from our proven ultra-low latency connectivity and data."

Fixnetix now operates some 18 co-location and proximity hosting centres across Europe and the US to support trading across all the major cash equities, futures, FX, commodities and bond markets. The company also offers both raw and ultra low latency normalised market data services, as well as low latency trading access for member firms and sponsored trading access to over 45 markets.

Fixnetix's direct ultra low latency market data feed solutions have been designed to be fast, reliable and flexible, featuring best-of-breed high performance feed handler technology, dual ticker plant technology and unparalleled high bandwidth provision. Fixnetix's feeds are available in multiple formats for quick and seamless integration, offering full redundancy throughout the entire delivery mechanism, and are provided on-the-wire reducing support and implementation costs and timeframes.

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