Zoompass introduces mobile money app for Android phones

Source: Zoompass

EnStream LP, Canada's leading mobile commerce company, today announced the launch of the Zoompass™ mobile application for Android powered phones, now available for free download on Android Market™ and at zoompass.mobi.

According to Robin Dua, President of EnStream, the Android launch re-affirms the vision that all Canadians will eventually use Zoompass as their mobile wallet, irrespective of their mobile phone of choice.

"We are thrilled with how quickly Zoompass is being adopted by Canadians. Canadians take their phones with them wherever they go, and many of them share the Zoompass vision of merging their wallet with their mobile phone to simplify daily transactions. We are proud to offer Zoompass application support for leading mobile platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, and now Android."

In 2009, EnStream launched the revolutionary Zoompass mobile application and began offering Canadians the first version of a mobile wallet. Zoompass already allows users to send money quickly and securely to friends and family and takes advantage of the newest technologies of Android powered phones to provide an outstanding user experience. With the ability to run applications simultaneously, friends can now "Zoom" each other without having to close other applications.

"With many recent announcements of popular Android powered phones launching in Canada, EnStream is excited to be able to offer Android users the full suite of Zoompass functionality." said Dua.

With Zoompass, clients can import existing contacts directly from their address book, load and transfer money directly from their bank account or credit card, check account balances and view transaction history - all within one easy-to-use application.

Zoompass makes it easy to send and receive money. Many are using Zoompass to safely and conveniently do things like split a lunch bill, request sports team fees, collect money for a group gift or pay a housekeeper, babysitter or dog-walker. For more information or to use Zoompass, visit www.zoompass.mobi on your mobile phone or www.zoompass.com on your computer.

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