StreamBase launches CEP developer community

Source: StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, today announced the launch of the StreamBase Component Exchange.

The StreamBase Component Exchange (SBX) will allow developers to download and share reusable components in a global community, as a means to spark innovation in CEP through the development and sharing of applications and ideas.

Developers can access the listing of components from the StreamBase Component Exchange website or within StreamBase Studio. Components are imported into the development environment where users can collaboratively extend their existing applications and test new ideas.

"Event processing enables business and IT users build applications that act on streaming data," said Richard Tibbetts, CTO of StreamBase. "The StreamBase Component Exchange will push the CEP market to the next level by providing a global, open library of technical innovation, where ideas can be exchanged freely. We created the component exchange based on customer demand, and are happy to facilitate the community and innovation that we're building around event processing applications of all types."

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"The StreamBase Component Exchange represents a game-changing opportunity to drive innovation in CEP technology," said Brian Sullivan, Director of Data Warehousing at Linden Lab, makers of the virtual world Second Life. "As active StreamBase users our developers have built nearly one hundred StreamBase applications to support our operating infrastructure. We are enthusiastic members of the StreamBase Component Exchange and we are excited about being able to access components and shares ideas with other developers. We view the component exchange as an important vehicle to help us improve the efficiency and productivity of our existing applications and future applications."

"CEP and open source have both seen major adoption in financial services over the past few years," said Kevin McPartland, Senior Analyst at TABB Group. "CEP has helped the industry to do deall with ever-increasing data volumes and complexity while open source has helped many firms to find software development efficiencies. Bringing these two ideas together into open-edge model could help drive collaborative innovation in the event processing space."

The StreamBase Component Exchange and all of its components are free and available for use by our existing customers and anyone with StreamBase v6.x or higher. Components can be downloaded from the website at and from within StreamBase v6.5. Some of the components that are available include:
• Adapters. Adapters connect in-bound and out-bound event streams to the CEP platform. For example, the Twitter adapter allows StreamBase to consume and produce Twitter "tweet" streams.
• Integrations. Some components implement non-adapter integrations. For example, the Calling Python from StreamBase component allows for the integration of the Python programming language with StreamBase.
• Utilities. Utility components are small operators or functions that extend the CEP platform. For example, the Delay Operator component defers processing an event into the future.
• Domain-specific algorithms. Domain-specific components illustrate the use of common industry-specific techniques. For example, the Options Pricing using Monte Carlo component is available to the financial services industry and demonstrates put and call options using a Monte Carlo method.

Users can access the StreamBase Component Exchange and its components by downloading StreamBase Studio v6.5 at or by visiting the SBX website at

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