Beta-Gamma unveils FX algo trading technology

Source: Beta-Gamma Research

Beta-Gamma Research Ltd., the specialist developer of sophisticated trading algorithms and automated trading, today announced Trigger Trader, introducing an entirely new approach to algorithmic foreign exchange (FX) trading.

Written for professional traders by professional traders, Trigger Trader is proven to generate profits through smart, algorithm-based deal execution and to help traders enhance both their productivity and profitability.

Trigger Trader provides an optimised modular application for institutions seeking increased efficiencies for managing FX flows from multiple trading venues and to reduce dealing costs. It combines a flexible, client-configurable framework for algorithmic-based management of deal flow with sophisticated tools for risk management, directional forecasting and real-time profitability analysis. It is easy to install and configure, providing a fast return on investment (ROI).

Howard Tolman, Beta-Gamma CEO, says: "Our algorithms have been used successfully to manage flows in a live banking environment since 2008. Now Trigger Trader will be widely available for the first time, enabling each institution to create a customised set of trading algorithms tailored to meet its needs. Trigger Trader solves a myriad of problems which trading houses encounter on a daily basis, whether the volumes are high or low, generating more profitability with less effort from the trader. Trigger Trader measures the performance of its algorithms against rate information which is attached to the trigger, and against the "aggressive" rate, i.e. the rate it could have achieved in the market by simply taking the price. Live trading has consistently produced significant performance enhancements."

Trigger Trader can be used in a number of ways: automated order flow management, manual deal entry (with a choice of execution strategies), entry and exit point monitoring, or as a market interface and control mechanism for model trading strategies. It gives the user full control over risk preferences, execution algorithms, order placement and position and risk management as well as numerous options for price aggregation, market access and performance reporting. Triigger Trader's execution algorithms include:

  • Simple strategies e.g. taking the best visible prices, or breaking an order down to route to different trading venues.
  • Breaking down an order and working it through the market to keep price impact to a minimum.
  • Option of aggressive or passive (make bids/offers) trading, offering savings on trading costs.
  • Sophisticated mathematical algorithms based on Bayesian time series, pattern recognition, and machine learning models.

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