List Group launches CEP and algo trading engine

Source: List Group

List Group, the independent electronic trading software provider behind 15 of Europe's leading electronic markets, today launched Brain3 (B3), its advanced Complex Event Processing (CEP) and algorithmic trading engine, providing buy - and sell-side firms with a powerful solution for the development of low latency, automated algorithms.

B3's CEP engine enables real-time monitoring and analysis of event streams and the parallel development of customised and complex strategies. B3 is fully integrated with List's Flagship platform and it is a powerful tool for implementing and optimising trading strategies.

Stefano Falciani, managing director List UK, comments: "B3 not only allows you to back test, but also measures the effectiveness of your algo's interacting with previous day's market data via a playback function or in real time by mirroring real time market data."

B3 also offers real-time data collection and database storage allowing for instant analysis of data from external sources. Its analytics package allows firms to simplify and optimise the development of custom strategies based on financial algorithms. This allows traders to quickly react to and take advantage of trading opportunities as they arise.

This new FastTrade module enjoys the advantages of efficiency, configurability and flexibility of an application developed within a single technological framework. The possibility to instantiate B3 in a multinode configuration gives it further advantages in terms of resilience and workload optimisation.

B3 is a powerful addition to List Group's multi-asset FastTrade e-trading platform, completing further its best of breed solution in the field of electronic market connectivity.


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