Caplin ships Trader 2.0

Source: Caplin

Caplin Systems Ltd. is pleased to announce Caplin Trader 2.0, a major new version of the Web client framework for its Caplin Xaqua single-dealer platform that makes it even easier for banks to create compelling and highly differentiated e-commerce portals.

The new release of Caplin Trader includes a range of functional, user experience (UX), performance and implementation enhancements including new "themes" that serve as starting points for building a rich internet application (RIA) with a unique look and feel.

Major functional enhancements include integrated support for multi-leg trades, list trading via copy and paste from Microsoft Excel, and enhanced charting. Performance, already one of Caplin Trader's strong points, has been further improved with the introduction of a thread scheduler and a JavaScript pre-processor, while systems integrators will be pleased to learn that the new directory structure has been designed to support multiple parallel development streams and to facilitate easier upgrading to new versions. UX improvements include expandable grids and column re-sizing and dragging.

Paul Caplin, CEO, says, "Caplin Trader is already seen as the most effective way to create a highly differentiated single-dealer portal. The major enhancements that we've announced in Caplin Trader 2.0 improve that even further. We've also made it much easier to implement, enhance and upgrade, reducing the effort required to build a compelling user experience and enabling our customers to focus on creating unique offerings that will attract and retain deal flow."

Further details of the new features and enhancements are available on Caplin Systems' website. Caplin Trader 2.0 will ship to existing customers during the current calendar quarter, and will be available for evaluation by prospective customers from April 2010.

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