MPower launches online finance management tool

Source: MPower

MPower announced today the launch of their online finance management tool designed to help users better control their money.

MPOWER allows users to budget, eliminate debt, protect their identity and track investments for one low price per month.

After a quick set up at, users can access MPOWER to monitor every account, credit card, debt, and investment in one location with a single and secure login.

"MPOWER is more than just a budgeting tool," said Alain Templeman, founder and CEO of MPOWER. "It's a comprehensive system that helps you manage every part of your financial experience so you get the most out of every penny you earn."

These features set MPOWER apart as a comprehensive financial management tool:

  • Manage your personal finances with one simple interface for all your accounts
  • Find savings with smart recommendations for making your finances work for you - typical users can find hundreds of dollars in savings within minutes of logging in for the first time
  • Eliminate and manage debt with professional calculators that show you how to pay down debt and meet your financial goals
  • Social investing tools that make investing smarter
  • Evaluate risk based on potential financial moves and receive recommendations to mitigate risk
  • Receive customized advice on insurance strategies to protect your assets, income, and family needs in the event of disability or death
  • Identity theft protection with custom alerts in the event of suspicious activity

"As a CFO for many businesses, my focus is on the future and making sure each business will succeed financially," said Ken Kaufman, Founder and CEO, CFOwise.® "MPOWER has applied this same concept to its product, and it functions like no other. It is like having a CFO for my personal finances at very little cost."

MPOWER offers unique tools such as a Home Value Tracker, which partners with Zillow to show the historical valuation of the home. The Mortgage Accelerator helps users pay off their mortgage faster through extra payments, or with more innovative suggestions using a HELOC. MPOWER uses proprietary algorithms to suggest the optimal financial moves, and helps users eliminate debt faster.

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