Currensee to sell Thomson Reuters IFR data widgets

Source: Currensee

Currensee Inc., the first Forex trading social network that connects traders from around the world based on real-time trades, today announced a relationship with Thomson Reuters IFR Markets, the world's most authoritative source of real-time financial markets commentary and analysis.

As a result, Currensee members can now purchase exclusive widgets featuring Thomson Reuters IFR Markets trade and market data from the Currensee Marketplace, the trusted source for Forex-related products and services. The widgets deliver professional-level trade data and analysis that is typically only available through brokers or large institutions. They include:

-- Trading Desk, which provides real-time trading ideas with stops and targets, support and resistance levels, and analysis and strategy;
-- Squawk Box, which provides fundamental and technical commentary and analysis, including unique news events and economic data; and,
-- Order Board, which provides indications of potentially significant orders, price points, option-related price levels and buying/selling interest.

The Currensee Thomson Reuters widgets are delivered instantly through the member's personal dashboard on Currensee. For a limited time, Currensee members have the opportunity to purchase the Thomson Reuters IFR Markets widgets at introductory pricing, including individual two-week trials, and a bundled discount for all three exclusive widgets, all starting at just 20 Currensee Bucks. Introductory pricing is available for a limited time.

"We are excited to make these exclusive Forex widgets available to retail traders," said Currensee CEO Dave Lemont. "Our traders are always looking for trusted sources for Forex-related products or services. We are passionate about providing them with high-caliber resources, and our relationship with the Thomson Reuters IFR Markets team gives our members access to unique widgets featuring information from the world's leading provider of market data and analysis."

Currensee brings trust and transparency to Forex trading collaboration by enabling members of its trader network to see each other's actual trading strategies and performance to make more informed trade decisions. The new Thomson Reuters IFR Markets widgets support this goal by helpy hy helping traders round out their trading skills and knowledge with reputable data, analysis and information from expert sources all in one place.

"The evolution and complexity of the retail segment has become an increasingly more important factor in the overall Forex market, creating a broader demand for highly specialized quality information," said Frank Sannella, Head of IFR Markets at Thomson Reuters. "The Currensee platform makes our industry-leading market analysis and trade data available to retail Forex traders around the world. Our market intelligence and the innovative Currensee platform is a winning combination."

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