Ceeseg increases Ljubljana Stock Exchange stake to 97.5%

Source: Ceeseg

Ceeseg will acquire another share in the Ljubljana Stock Exchange of at least 16.443% effective 8 February 2010, making Ceeseg owner of at least 97.453% stake in the Slovene stock exchange.

In June 2008, Wiener Börse AG - now CEESEG AG - bought 81.01% of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Within the scope of the restructuring of the Group that includes the exchanges of Vienna, Budapest, Ljubljana and Prague, this share remained in the holding company, CEESEG AG.

Effective 8 February 2010, CEESEG AG as the holding company will become 100% owner of the operating entity, Wiener Börse AG, and hold stakes of at least 97.453% in the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, 50.45% in the Budapest Stock Exchange and 92.74% in the Prague Stock Exchange.


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