Paymetric partners Support One on automated credit card processing

Source: Paymetric

Paymetric Inc., the leading provider of enterprise payment acceptance solutions, today announced the selection of SAP© partner, Support One, as the master-reseller and support provider for XiPay On-Demand, the Paymetric automated credit card processing solution built specifically for SAP© Business One.

This partnership delivers affordable and simple-to-use electronic payment processing for SAP© Business One users and provides a significant recurring revenue stream for VARs selling the service under a shared revenue plan.

With Support One providing Paymetric-branded support and implementation for this new, advanced electronic payment processing solution, SBO VARs can focus on offering their customers a truly cost-effective, fully-modernized, and seamlessly integrated system. Small-to-midsized businesses no longer need to use multiple, disparate systems to process payments, which can introduce the risk of entry errors and internal theft. In addition, the solution makes it easier and more affordable for SAP© Business One customers to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

"We are excited to partner with Support One to offer this option to VARs and their merchants," said Larry Wine, CEO, Paymetric. "There has been overwhelming demand for integrated payment processing capabilities but traditionally cost has been a large barrier. Now, with Paymetric's SaaS model, small businesses can affordably process electronic payments as well as the big guys . . . directly from their SAP systems."

To help merchants navigate the complex PCI compliance requirements, the Paymetric/Support One offering comes with an embedded tokenization solution. This next-generation security helps businesses reduce cost and scope of complying with PCI rules while keeping their customers' information secure. In addition, the integrated credit card processing solution enables SAP Business One users to manage, accept and integrate virtually every type of electronic payment. In short, VARs now are able to offer their merchant customers the following benefits:

* Reduced installation, billing, collection, IT and administrative costs
* Reduced customer attrition costs
* Reduced interchange fees
* Reduced cost of PCI compliance
* Reduced total cost of ownership of payment acceptance

"We are excited to have a dedicated infrastructure to support Paymetric's offerings and extend that offering to other VARs. We knew we needed to offer the channel a PCI compliance-focused security option. With this partnership, we can do that, give them peace of mind, and also offer new revenue opportunities to VARs," says Jason Sproles, president, Support One. "The shared revenue plan is a strong package that ensures our partners get recurring revenue."


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