Fico upgrades Triad Customer Manager

Source: Fico

Fico (NYSE:FICO), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the release of Fico Triad Customer Manager, version 8.5, with significant new strategy design and visualization capabilities.

The release makes it easier than ever for lenders to develop and deploy sophisticated decision strategies quickly, resulting in more effective customer treatment, improved profitability, reduced risk and competitive advantage.

Financial institutions use FICO TRIAD Customer Manager to manage some 65% of credit card accounts worldwide, analyzing relationships and risk at the levels of customers and accounts. For example, it is used to make decisions on such factors as credit limits, APRs, promotional offers and collection treatment.

The new version features Decision Graph, a revolutionary strategy design and visualization tool that enables lenders to develop, analyze, fine-tune and compare even the most complex strategies quickly and easily. Decision Graph gives lenders greater insight into how their strategies work. It also helps users when called on to explain strategies to management or regulators. With the new strategy design functionality, FICO clients can build and implement more effective strategies more quickly and with less chance of error, and realize better results sooner. Decision Graph can also simplify strategies, and FICO research shows it can reduce the size of most complex decision strategies by 25 percent or more.

"Right now issuers are especially concerned about striking the right balance between customer satisfaction and customer-level risk," said David Lightfoot, FICO vice president of product management. "Their strategies have to be more and more sophisticated and therefore complex. FICO TRIAD 8.5 with Decision Graph enables them to be more precise in their customer treatment decisions, which improves profitability and gives them a competitive edge."

"The prospect of tighter regulatory oversight has many lenders looking for ways to document and explain enormously complex risk management strategies to non-professionals," said Dennis Moroney, Research Director Bank Cards for TowerGroup. "Strategy design and visualization capabilities are going to be increasingly valuable in this environment."

The FICO TRIAD 8.5 system is available immediately. It is designed for an easy migration for current users of FICO TRIAD 8.3 or 8.4. Clients using FICO TRIAD 8.1 or later can also purchase the Decision Graph functionality as an add-on to their existing installation.

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