WMS launches document management product for the commercial property sector

Source: Wealth Management Software plc

Wealth Management Software plc (WMS), the property management software specialist, has launched a new document management solution developed to meet the needs of the commercial property sector.

The solution is designed to store and file all documentation electronically, removing the need for physical storage space and making document retrieval a quick and simple process.

It does this in the following ways:
  • All incoming documents can be scanned and saved so that an exact copy of the paper document, CAD file, spreadsheet file or text file can be brought up on screen and is available to print/email thereafter.
  • Documents can be saved and filed under search terms to suit your exact needs e.g. 'Property & Tenancy Register', 'Lease Agreements', 'Deed Register' or filed under a particular building/asset name.
  • Security levels can be defined for each user ensuring only those employees with authorised access can view a particular document/documents - therefore fully protecting confidentiality.

    Commenting on the launch of the new document management solution, Paul Foll, WMS Group Sales Director said: "Our new document management solution has the ability to greatly improve the methods used to manage documentation within the Commercial Property Sector. All documents can be saved electronically and securely, removing the need for hard copy storage and thus reducing physical storage space around the office."

    "Users can define an unlimited number of indexing terms under which documents can be saved and filed. For example indexing terms can be defined for a particular building or a particular document type or whatever terms suit the users requirements best."

    Foll continued: "Documentation can then be searched for and bought up on screen in seconds. One of the obvious advantages of this is where users need to access documents quickly when speaking to Lawyers, Tenants or Maintenance Contractors over the phone for example.

    "The infinite storage capacity will easily save substantial documents such as Tenant Registers, Lease Agreements and Deed Registers whilst giving the user quick access to the required pages or sections."

    Foll concluded: "We are committed to serving the software needs of the Property Management sector and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge from working with our 400 strong client base who currently use our property asset management and document management software."
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