Celeritas taps Exponential-e network for algo trading

Source: Exponential-e

Exponential-e, the provider of Next-Generation-Networks optimised for the financial trading industry, has deployed an ultra high-speed network for Celeritas Markets LLP.

Celeritas is now connected to the Foreign Exchange (FX) markets in London and New York at speeds close to the theoretical optimum latency. The new network enables financial trading data to flow through Celeritas' automated trading technology optimising the proprietary fund's performance.

Celeritas Markets use "Algorithmic Trading" to trade electronically on the foreign exchange markets. High-powered computers use their significant processing power to make trading decisions in microseconds with the algorithms deciding on the trade's timing, price and quantity to be traded. Automated trading enables Celeritas to take advantage of sub-millisecond changes in global FX markets in a manner which would not be possible using human traders. Without a correspondingly quick network, optimised for high-frequency trading, the benefits of Algorithmic Trading would be severely compromised.

Graeme Burnett, CTO, Celeritas comments "Celeritas tested their new network's efficiency by measuring the time it takes data to travel between different locations. Exponential-e delivers us to the exact locations where matching engines are sited. Their single-hop Ethernet core means they provide the fastest latencies to key financial trading engines".

Martin Spurr, CEO, Celeritas added "Exponential-e provides connectivity over native layer 2 connectivity to the leading traditional exchange trading systems as well as new breed alternative trading systems. This means that multiple financial data services can be delivered over common Gigabit interfaces at wire speed".

Lee Wade, Managing Director, Exponential-e said "We know how important it is to get trading data to these algorithms in as close to real-time as possible. We move data in microseconds. But we aren't complacent about the aggressive speeds we can offer. We've just upgraded our London to Frankfurt links to increase speeds from a highly respectable 12 milliseconds to an incredible 10ms".

Optimisssed for high-frequency trading, Exponential-e's financial network connects directly into key Exchanges, ECNs, Brokers and trading platforms and makes crucial market connectivity - a simple cross-connect away.

The new service includes a "multicast" feature which broadcasts trading data to servers and matching engines simultaneously. This feature eliminates unnecessary delay and cuts transmission times again".

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