Interactive Data upgrades Client Site Processor

Source: Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, today announced that its Real-Time Market Data and Trading Solutions Group has launched a new version of its Client Site Processor (CSP).

The CSP supports the delivery of PlusFeedSM, Interactive Data's low-latency, consolidated global datafeed that is used by financial institutions worldwide to power algorithmic and electronic trading applications.

Interactive Data observed that market data volumes increased by at least 90 percent annually for four of the last five years. The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) has also projected volumes of 3.2 million messages per second for January 2010, rising by nearly 30 percent to 4.1 million in January 2011.

In response to this market data volume growth, Interactive Data developed the new version of its CSP, which is designed to handle up to 9.4 million messages per second and to help clients improve financial message processing performance by up to 70 percent. The new CSP is engineered to accommodate full OPRA and depth of market data and keep pace with current estimates of anticipated volume growth until the first half of 2011. It has been enhanced with the multicore capabilities of Intel's Nehalem chip (Intel® 5500 series) The CSP can also help PlusFeed clients control costs by supporting a compact output format that reduces the server's output by a ratio of approximately 7:1.

The new CSP also supplies best-of-both logic with a new line arbitration capability in which clients can feed two lines into the CSP to help minimize gaps caused by network or telecommunications problems. These gaps could result in missing data in the sequence of the packets. This functionality is also available to clients that utilize the high-speed Titan Data Network-Multicast, Interactive Data's real-time data distribution network that is designed to handle up to 6 million messages per second and to help clients save additional milliseconds and improve latency.

"Our clients are continually faced with significant growth in market data volumes and are looking for ways to obtain low latency data while controlling costs," said Jay Kilberg, managing director of Feed Solutions for Interactive Data. "The new CSP can enable our clients to leverage their existing hardware resources in order to accommodate the increased processing demands that result from market data volume growth."

PlusFeed delivers data on over six million securities from more than 450 sources around the world, including multi-asset class instrument coverage and extensive Level 2 data. It is also designed to process every tick of OPRA data.

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