Cicada and Investors Guaranty consolidate risk management operations

Source: Cicada

Cicada and Investors Guaranty have announced the consolidation of the group's risk management solutions under UK-based CicadaRisk and the CicadaRisk brand.

CicadaRisk will provide a wide selection of risk management solutions tailored to the requirements of asset managers, pensions and endowments, hedge funds, investment consultants and insurers.

The products and services range includes risk management solutions powered by Algorithmics' proven Algo Suite risk analytics and functionality, underpinned by Cicada's data management technology and services, enhanced by an array of additional integrated services and solutions.

CicadaRisk's approach to pricing its risk management solutions is designed to be consistent with asset management industry standard pricing structures, based on such factors as assets-under-management, with no large upfront fees. Deployment options include ASP, hosted, and remotely-managed on-site implementations.

In addition to its core risk management solutions, the group will provide a variety of data products and third-party application integration services. CicadaRisk will also offer Insygne a solution tailored specifically for the requirements of insurance investment risk management.

CicadaRisk products and services are designed to help asset managers and owners respond to the challenges presented by today’s dynamic competitive and regulatory environments. Specifically, complex investment strategies as well as frameworks including Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley and a host of other initiatives mean greater risk management best practices and operational requirements. As a result, asset managers and owners must employ rigorous standards and processes for assessing risk across an expanding range of asset classes, in a consistent, enterprise view.

Richard Bennett, previously head of UK and European sales for Cicada, leads the CicadaRisk business and strategic development effort from London.

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