Aspects Tools rebranded Collis Great Britain

Source: Collis

Collis announces that Aspects Tools Ltd. is now a fully integrated entity of Collis and has been renamed to Collis Great Britain Ltd.

In 2006, Collis acquired Aspects after which Aspects continued to trade under its own name. Now, to fully integrate the Collis and Aspects companies, Aspects has been rebranded to Collis. The Aspects brand will continue to be used in the Collis Product Portfolio, meaning products developed for the Mobile Telecom market will include the Aspects brand name (for example: Aspects Spy, Aspects PowerUSIM etc).

This means that the Aspects Test Tools portfolio has become part of the Collis Test Tools portfolio which covers a diverse range of markets within the Telecom, Payment, Government and Transport sectors.

A wider range of Consulting and Training Services are also on offer as a result of this integration. For more than a decade Collis has been delivering expert Consultancy & Training Services which has been accredited across industries worldwide. Our offering to the market will be further enhanced with Mobile, Telecom and NFC expertise.

Collis CEO, Dirk Jan van den Heuvel comments: "The formal name of Aspects Tools may have changed but the people - their (consulting) skills, their services and their products (test tools) - continue."

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer adds: "We see in the market, more and more synergy between payment and mobile parties. This cooperation is fuelled by a number of developments, among them NFC. We feel the time is right to position ourselves as the ultimate solution provider for the payment, mobile, telecom and transport markets. Collis' vast experience in the payment industry combined with Collis Great Britain's (formerly Aspect's), expertise in mobile and telecom, means that Collis' customers benefit from a wide range of knowledge and experience at their fingertips."

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