Interactive Data launches ETF centre

Source: Interactive Data

Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC), a leading provider of financial market data, analytics and related solutions, today announced the launch of ETF CenterSM.

ETF Center is a fully-hosted and customizable Web-based portal that Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and wealth managers can integrate into their own websites and other online applications. As a result, their investment professionals can gain access to a one-stop resource for real-time and end of day market data and analytical tools for U.S. exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This service can equip RIAs and wealth managers with important information for making more informed decisions relating to the ETF investments they make on behalf of their clients.

The numbers of U.S. ETFs and ETF assets under management (AUM) have surged over the past decade from less than a dozen funds and under $5 billion in AUM to more than 775 funds and over $735 billion in AUM1. ETF Center is an innovative new solution that aggregates a wide variety of content sets into a centralized Web repository and applies Interactive Data's advanced analytics capabilities to the data. ETF Center's data content includes Interactive Data's intra-day indicative valuations of exchange-traded structures across multiple asset classes.

ETF Center's data sets and capabilities include: monitoring of trade, spread, premium/discount, and performance statistics; comparison charts for ETFs or indices; and detailed reference data related to ETFs. Clients can also utilize ETF Center to rank top-performing ETFs, set thresholds for meeting investment objectives, and view changes in assets under management. In addition ETF Center offers analytical tools using Interactive Data's Fair Value Information Service to provide a fair value adjusted end-of-day iNAV when global markets have closed for ETFs that include international equity securities.

"As the ETF market continues to expand and evolve in complexity, RIAs and wealth managers need a variety of important data and customized analytical tools to help them derive the critical financial information they need to make important decisions for their clients," said Jeff Banker, executive vice president, Real-Time Market Data and Trading Solutions for Interactive Data. "The introduction of ETF Center underscores our ability to leverage our existing capabilities and data sets to develop a front office solution that provides increased transparency related to ETFs."

Interactive Data's Basket Calculation ServiceSM, performs ETF Center's calculations, utilizing a variety of market inputs based on fixed income evaluations and real-time equity pricing data from global exchanges to calculate and deliver intra-day indicative valuations in seconds. Interactive Data currently calculates and disseminates intra-day indicative valuations for baskets of securities to a range of clients, including three of the five largest ETF sponsors2, via the Basket Calculation Service. Interactive Data also offers intra-day indicative valuations for equity and fixed income ETFs, exchange traded notes (ETNs) and index values that include equities, fixed income securities, currencies and commodities. ETF Center is available through a variety of U.S. and international delivery platforms offered by Interactive Data.

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