Tropical Financial Credit Union builds social media platforms

Source: Tropical Financial Credit Union

Tropical Financial Credit Union, a leader in FHA and other mortgage loans in South Florida, announced the launch of their social media channels.

From Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, members will be able to learn of the South Florida credit union's free online banking promotions for checking and savings accounts. The interactive websites allow members to become more than just a number, and share their great experiences with the South Florida credit union.

Tropical Financial Credit Union's social media pages are designed to keep members up to date on the latest promotional products such as FHA mortgage loans to help their money work for them. Individuals are also able to learn about free online banking including checking and savings accounts through feeds on the pages, not just the website.

"The Internet has become a place where people are able to access so much information. With so many people using social media to connect and learn, TFCU wants to have more of a presence to help our members achieve financial success," said Cina Tucci. "From FHA mortgage loans to free online banking for checking and savings accounts, the South Florida credit union continues to offer our community a better way to bank."

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