Unicredit Banca deploys Autonomy technology for online account applications

Source: Autonomy

Autonomy Corporation (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in infrastructure software for the enterprise, today announced that the Italian Retail Division of Unicredit Group, which boasts 40 million customers and a presence in 50 countries, has deployed Autonomy Optimost's Multivariable Testing (MVT) solution to drive up the number of account applications on its websites, unicredit-italia.it, unicreditbanca.it, bancaroma.it, and bancodisicilia.it.

By leveraging Autonomy Optimost's award-winning technology, which enables marketers to test any part of a web page to identify what version of content, design or layout maximises conversion rates, Unicredit managed to lift its conversions on four different bank account applications by up to 12.8%.

Realizing that a positive online performance at the landing page level of a user journey can have a knock-on effect all the way down to account applications, Unicredit set out to transform its website by applying next-generation MVT technology. By employing Autonomy Optimost's intelligent analytics, Unicredit has managed to depart from legacy marketing approaches and significantly increase conversions whilst enhancing user experience. In this highly competitive market, bringing meaning to interactions and giving marketers the tools to understand their customers' motivations is essential to create a meaningful and rewarding experience for prospects and clients, and boosting customer engagement and conversion rates.

"Autonomy Optimost's solution has given us a very clear insight into our customers' behavior and preferences, which has considerably boosted our account application conversions," said Gabriele Rosati, Chief Interactive Designer at Unicredit. "Thanks to Autonomy Optimost's approach, we have been able to significantly improve the experience delivered to our customers and prospects, and make changes that may have seemed minor to us but have resulted in significant conversion lifts. Autonomy Optimost has truly revolutionized our Interaction Design department."

Autonomy Optimost's MVT technology, which has today become a core part of many companies' online operations, makes it possible to captivate the visitor with an experience that is relevant, interactive and compelling right from the start. This can be achieved by testing virtually unlimited permutations of a website to discover and learn the most effective combination of content for each visitor. The solution can be applied to all online marketing elements, including landing pages, registration pages, shopping carts, credit card pages, banner ads, email creatives and Web applications, as well as every content type within them, including headlines, copy, forms, images, and rich media.

"No customer likes to be treated like just another face in the crowd," said Greg Kelton, VP EMEA Autonomy Optimost. "A personalized, relevant experience tailored to the individual is essential to engage and draw the visitor into the company, leading to sales and conversions. We immediately understood Unicredit's needs, and are delighted to see such fantastic conversion lifts."

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