ABR Financial moves to Chi-Tech MarketPrizm

Source: Chi-Tech Global technology

Chi-X Global Technology, LLC ("Chi-Tech™"), the technology services unit of Chi-X Global Inc., today announced that its MarketPrizm™ infrastructure service has been selected by ABR Financial to power its high frequency and algorithmic trading applications.

ABR Financial, a privately-held investment firm based in Amsterdam, is using a number of the MarketPrizm service components. Connected to MarketPrizm's high speed network, PrizmNet™, ABR receives low latency market data from various European trading venues, utilizes the network to send orders to markets in the region, and uses the colocation service provided by MarketPrizm.

MarketPrizm is an infrastructure service designed as a trading ecosystem, comprised of connectivity, market data, and colocation and proximity hosting, as well as a range of applications and services from leading providers. MarketPrizm's unique model provides clients with neutral access to the markets and a continually expanding range of third-party applications. Its flexible delivery framework empowers clients with a wide range of options for applications and services, and offers third party application providers a compelling distribution channel. The MarketPrizm ecosystem is powered by a high speed, bespoke network optimized for latency-sensitive electronic trading strategies including high frequency and algorithmic trading.

"We continually work to increase performance, flexibility and operational efficiency in our trading operations. Particularly in the changing and innovating European financial markets environment, this is more essential than ever for maintaining our competitive advantage," said Walter Hendriks, Managing Director for ABR Financial. "We selected MarketPrizm to serve as a high performance, convenient infrastructure foundation for our high frequency trading activities. We have been very pleased with the performance of the infrastructure, as well as the high standard of technical services provided by the group. We highly value the commitment, excellent communication and technical expertise of this professional partner that understands our business needs."

Nicolas Levy, Chi-Tech's Managing Director for MarketPrizm, said, "We are very happy that ABR selected MarketPrizm to host their algorithmic and high frequency trading applications and to provide the infrastructure services to support them. Our core focus is providing the highest performing, most cost effective and flexible infrastructure for firms conducting all types of electronic trading in the European markets today, where speed and low latency are mission-critical. We certainly look forward to a long and successful relationship with the forward-thinking ABR Financial, supporting their business strategy and operational requirements."

MarketPrizm's range of connectivity options, market data feeds and component applications are delivered via a flexible framework that allows clients to select the precise solution that meets their business and technology requirements. It offers clients the cost-savings of a managed service and the convenience of one-stop provisioning.

MarketPrizm is a Chi-Tech business line focused on providing trading infrastructure and services to banks, funds, and other investment and trading firms. In a separate business line, Chi-Tech also provides trading technology platforms to exchanges and market centers.

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