Bats Europe announces new pricing for 2010

Source: Bats Trading

BATS Europe, an innovative, wholly-owned subsidiary of BATS Global Markets, today announced a new pan-European fee schedule for trading equities, ETFs and ETCs on its integrated book, effective 4th January 2010.

Under the new programme, BATS Europe participants who remove liquidity will be charged 0.28 bps, while participants who add liquidity will be rebated 0.18 bps. Pricing for the BATS Europe Dark Pool remains unchanged at 0.15 bps for all orders, the lowest rate amongst MTFs.

"This year BATS Europe has demonstrated leadership in the area of pricing innovation and, as a result of participant feedback, we are pleased to announce new standard pricing that continues to be highly competitive," said Mark Hemsley, CEO of BATS Europe. "We are committed to meeting the trading needs of market participants and look forward to delivering further enhancements to our platform in 2010."

"As always, we are working to drive efficiencies in the market and continuing to focus on what we do best, which is providing market participants with first-class technology and customer service from a low-cost base," he said.

BATS Europe will also offer its new Market On Close (MOC) and Trading At Last (TAL) order types at zero cost until further notice.

BATS Europe currently matches more than 8% of trading in the FTSE 100, 5.5% of the FTSE 250 and FTSE MIB, and 4% of the CAC 40 and DAX a little more than one year after launching.

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