Financial Tracking adds rules library to insider trading detection software

Source: Financial Tracking Technologies

Financial Tracking Technologies today announced it expanded its Insider Trading Detection (ITD) software and MarketACE database to include a rules library to enhance client convenience.

The company also said both services now include issuer affiliates, subsidiaries and related securities such as options and futures in the database.

ITD automatically matches market data and company news vs. trades and holdings in employee or company managed portfolios, or both, and alerts if a trade occurred prior to a market moving issuer event. Its purpose is to aid in the detection of mis-use of material non-public information. ITD monitors ownership, corporate actions, M&A activities, publics to privates, surprise earnings, profit warnings, earnings estimates, company news and corporate insider trading, among others. "Coming on the heels of recently winning the SEC as a client for Employee TradeSphere, this is another key development at our firm. Compliance users are now automatically alerted for suspicious trades. And with the MarketACE database clients can run an on-demand query of historical market moving issuer events and analyze trades against the event." said Tony Turner, principal, Financial Tracking. "Now with a rules engine, clients can customize the detection system to the facts and circumstances of their company's activities, business model and strategies," Turner said. ITD and MarketACE may be purchased a la carte and compliments its Employee TradeSphere module and other commercial employee personal trading solutions. As with other Financial Tracking services, it includes exceptions to guidelines tracking, case management and a direct communications link to employees.

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