FundQuest unveils reporting tech for advisors

Source: FundQuest

FundQuest has launched new technology that significantly expands advisors' ability to produce custom reports on demand.

This enhanced reporting capability is usually only available to advisors with direct access to robust portfolio accounting systems. FundQuest's on-demand reporting tool enables advisors to efficiently produce and deliver a wide array of very detailed client account information as the need arises.

The dramatic market downturn and a steady stream of news about financial scandals have increased investors' demands for expanded information about the specific details of their holdings and transaction activity. Advisors who can respond promptly to these demands will address clients' concerns about having rapid access to their portfolio data. FundQuest's enhanced on-demand reporting is an important tool that advisors can use to increase investor confidence and trust.

Bob Peatman, Managing Director, National Sales explains, "Advisors are facing new pressures. They need to satisfy client requests for increased communication and deliver new types of information on-demand. At the same time, advisors are facing a more demanding regulatory environment. This new reporting tool meets these challenges by allowing advisors to access detailed information on client holdings and transactions quickly and effectively. Advisors without these enhanced capabilities often have to either wait for a monthly or quarterly report run or seek outside support to run a custom report."

There are more than two dozen new on-demand portfolio performance, holding and transaction activity reports and advisors can benefit from the many features these reports provide. Report examples include: The Graphical Portfolio Performance Summary Report - which presents a bar graph to show the key drivers of account value changes over the historic time period specified by the advisor; The Account Performance Summary Report- allows the past performance summary to be generated for an account or household for any historic time period; and the Consolidated Portfolio Statement - allows the advisor to view account positions as of any specified date.

Advisors may specify reporting level (household or single account), date range, and can control the reporting output format (Excel, PDF, HTML, CSV & TIFF) for all reports. FundQuest will continue to develop additional reports to meet requests from advisors who are using the enhanced online reporting tool.

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