Cürex selects StreamBase for FX

Source: StreamBase

StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, today announced that Cürex Group, a New York-based institutional FX market leader, has selected StreamBase's CEP platform as the foundation for its ultra low-latency market data and transactional infrastructure.

Cürex chose StreamBase as its internal standard CEP platform after evaluating multiple CEP vendors and trading technologies.

"StreamBase meets and exceeds Cürex's criteria for an ultra low-latency stream processing platform that enables rapid time-to-market and provides a customizable development environment as well as pre-built connectivity to multiple sources of real-time data," said William Dale, CEO, Cürex Group. "For Cürex to lead the FX marketplace we must ensure we are developing FX trading technologies that will remain competitive in the future. This means our technology infrastructure must be built with best-of-breed solutions such as StreamBase that can be rapidly modified in response to tactical and structural changes in the FX market. With StreamBase we can update and test new algorithms in hours versus the days or weeks required by other solutions and this enables Cürex to quickly react to the ever changing needs of the market."

"Cürex's choice of StreamBase is yet another sign that CEP is becoming the de facto standard for high-speed trading systems in capital markets," said Mark Palmer (@mrkwpalmer), CEO of StreamBase. "And the competitive nature of Cürex' selection once again illustrates StreamBase is emerging as the category leader in CEP, because the platform delivers real ease-of-use, and ultra-low latency. These features of the platform allow Cürex to get in market quickly, evolve their strategies quickly, and to execute trading decisions faster than solutions based on other CEP vendors or custom applications. "

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