Obopay ships iPhone app

Source: Obopay

Obopay announced that its Obopay Mobile Payments application for the iPhone will be available from the Apple App Store beginning today.

The free download will enable iPhone users to send money to friends and family more quickly and easier than ever with Obopay's application.

Now, iPhone users have a fully secure, proven and easy-to-use mobile payments service available at their fingertips. Recently named Technology Pioneer 2010 by the World Economic Forum, Obopay is an innovative mobile payments service provider in the U.S. as well as international markets. Obopay has established partnerships with companies such as Nokia, MasterCard, AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Obopay iPhone application features include:

  • Send money to anyone with a US phone number
  • Send money to your kids or anyone 13 years of age or older and track how they spend the money all from your iPhone
  • View full transaction history from anywhere
  • Receive money free of charge regardless of how many people send you money or the amount you receive
  • Set up your account to automatically deposit the funds that you receive into your own bank account without having to manually intervene
  • Request money from contacts
  • Receive a Push Notification when you get a request for money
  • Check the status of a request anytime, from anywhere

Some of the more popular uses of Obopay include:

  • Parents sending money to children: Parents can instantly send money to their teens - or any family member - using Obopay on the iPhone.

o Obopay is a unique application in the App Store that allows parents to set up controlled accounts for their children and see at a glance where the kids are spending the money, schedule recurring "allowance" payments into the account and send emergency money to family members. It also prevents the danger of children incurring overdraft penalties or interest charges or potentially damaging their parents' credit.
o Teens receive a prepaid card with their name embossed on the card and immediately can access the received money at any ATM or merchant location which accepts cards.

  • Splitting the bill: One no longer needs to worry about friends not having exact cash at dinner when splitting the bill, because they can pay you back on the spot with Obopay.
  • Small and medium-sized merchants: Small and medium-sized merchants such as gardeners, babysitters, contractors and online merchants now can be paid instantly through a secure environment creating efficiencies and greater convenience.
  • Obopay leverages Apple's iPhone OS platform and alerting capabilities by giving users comfort that their payment was successfully sent and received.
  • Obopay offers a companion MasterCard prepaid card, thus enabling iPhone users to have up-to-the minute awareness of their available balance and recent transactions.
  • It's free to download Obopay to your mobile phone, sign up for the service, access your account information as well as receive money. Sending money costs as little as $0.25 per transaction.

"Obopay's iPhone application makes it easier than ever to send and receive money," said Carol Realini, founder and CEO of Obopay. "iPhone users can now instantly conduct financial transactions in a secure environment -- from anywhere, anytime, with anyone in the U.S."

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