Goldman Sachs upgrades RediPlus

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Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading (GSET) announced today the release of the latest version of REDIPlus, Goldman Sachs' award-winning execution management system. Version 9.1 features significant enhancements to options and futures trading as well as portfolio trading, and also introduces flexible solutions for clients using the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

"Version 9.1 is the latest release in our long history of innovative execution management solutions for traders," said Rishi Nangalia, Managing Director and global head of GSET Business Development. "We continue to focus on global execution strategies and workspace usability to meet the diverse needs of our clients."

Key features of 9.1:

* Clients have the ability to streamline their desktop workflow by launching Bloomberg screens from REDIPlus. Clients who utilize both applications on the same PC will be able to click within REDIPlus and select from a menu of functions on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service. REDIPlus users can also create custom "hotkeys" that can be clicked to open up a particular screen or access a particular function on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service.
* Options traders can take advantage of the introduction of a TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) algorithm, which complements the existing nine advanced options strategies available in REDIPlus. TWAP leverages the previously-launched "Strike" order type to minimize market impact while accessing liquidity.
* Additional functionality includes Active Limit Options Analytic Charting, a REDIPlus chart that displays a real-time graphical representation of a Volatility or Delta Adjusted order limit price and executions relative to the current market.
* Clients trading futures now have the ability to submit futures calendar spread orders from an order management system (OMS) via FIX. Strategy orders received via FIX can then be worked using all of the existing REDIPlus trading functionality, including algorithms. Executed orders are "dropped" back into the customer's order management system for post trade processing.
* Customers trading US and Canadian shares can access the SIGMA inter-listed router, which simultaneously scans US and Canadian market venues and routes orders to the market where there is the best opportunity for optimal execution.
* Clients trading portfolios of stoolios olios of stocks will be able to measure the performance of their list against historical benchmarks. This enhancement to performance analysis of portfolios is offered in addition to previously available intra-day performance benchmarks, such as bid, ask, last, open, and prior close.

"REDIPlus' enhanced user-friendly interface and absolute flexibility help clients achieve their execution goals, whether they utilize algorithmic strategies for US listed options or trade portfolios of stocks across the European markets," said Nangalia.

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