Visioneer ships cheque scanning tool

Source: Visioneer

Visioneer, a leader in intelligent imaging solutions today announced a Visioneer OneTouch Link to Diversified Check Solutions ACHeck21 - an intelligent ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and Check21 web-based remote capture solution.

This solution allows users to scan paper checks using any Visioneer or Xerox-branded scanner with Visioneer OneTouch technology, and accurately convert them into electronic deposits to any U.S. bank with the touch of a single button and incorporate that data into the most popular accounting systems, including Intuit QuickBooks®.
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"ACHeck21 represents the first true end-to-end check deposit solution in the financial services technology industry. Our solution is extremely versatile, allowing customers to easily deposit checks to any U.S. bank saving time and travel to bank in person," said Sam Ackley, managing partner of Diversified Check Solutions. "Customers gain quicker access to funds, realize significant cost savings, and achieve heightened check processing accuracy."

Remote Deposit Banking

Remote deposit enables users to scan and deposit checks to their U.S. bank electronically, from any location where they have their computer, an internet connection and their Visioneer OneTouch® enabled scanner. Simply scan the check using the OneTouch link into the ACHeck21 on-line process, view the check images to make sure they are legible and the check amount is correct and then click DEPOSIT. The ACHeck21 software reads the check amount, along with the check number, routing and account number and securely sends the check information to a clearing house for deposit into the designated bank account electronically.

Personal checks, business checks, money orders and cashier's checks can be scanned and deposited using any Visioneer or Xerox DocuMate scanner including the recently announced Xerox Card Scanner 200. Priced at only $179.99, the Xerox Card Scanner 200 is no bigger than a whiteboard eraser and is USB bus-powered, so its small, lightweight design is right-sized for a brief case or desktop.

"Specialty MICR check scanners are expensive and only offer value for scanning checks, where Visioneer and Xerox DocuMate scanners also have the capability to scan and manage all your personal and business documents of various sizes," said John Dexter, vice president of Business Development at Visioneer. "The new OneTouch link to ACHeck21 brings our customers the added bonus of being able to optically scan checks and expand the utility and value of their scanner to yet another special purpose."

Quality Images and Total Security

Documents and checks scanned through any OneTouch Link also have improved image quality instantly through use of Kofax VRS technology which is integrated in Visioneer OneTouch. This is done immediately after scanning so that checks protected by watermarks are sent to ACHeck21 with significantly improved image quality. This application especially requires high image quality from the many varied check patterns and colors so that reading check amounts and account information on the check is accurate first time. All bank account information is secure and only available to those ACHeck21 employees who have a "need to know" and user account information is not provided to any unrelated parties including Visioneer for any reason unless subpoenaed by a court. The ACHeck21 servers are located in a highly secure SAS70 facility that meets the highest security standards. A SAS70 II audit is performed annually by an independent auditor


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