Fiserv introduces 'vertical format' Visa card

Source: Fiserv

Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV), the leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, now offers the new vertical-format Visa card, an innovative design option that displays all card information vertically rather than horizontally.

This breakthrough look captures cardholder interest and provides a new way to showcase an issuer's logo.

"Fiserv is continually innovating to deliver product and service enhancements that help clients differentiate their card offerings and grow transaction volumes," said Jorge Diaz, division president, Output Solutions, Fiserv. "Our clients are looking for creative ideas that stimulate card activation rates. Vertical cards have visual uniqueness to attract cardholders and encourage increased usage."

The vertical cards are one of several innovations from Fiserv. Others include:

  • The Card Collection(TM) is an exclusive offering of 78 card designs that reflect a broad range of lifestyle themes, money motifs and regional images. Pay-as-you-go ordering eliminates inventory carrying expense and risk of obsolescence.
  • MyCardCreation(SM) makes it simple and affordable for cardholders to create cards with their own pictures on them.
  • Contactless Cards can speed up checkout and maximize convenience by enabling a cardholder to simply hold the card near a terminal or tap the terminal instead of swiping the card.

"The key to increasing transaction revenue is giving cardholders the kinds of cards they'll reach to use over and over," said Diaz. "Fiserv continues to add equipment, processes and technology to provide innovative solutions - like the exciting new vertical cards - to please cardholders and help our clients achieve their card program goals."

Output Solutions from Fiserv is a leading provider of business-critical communications to the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, investment services and retail markets. Fiserv offers the industry's most complete and secure card-production services, including design, production, embossing, personalization and encoding capabilities. Reinforcing the company's core competency in payments, Output Solutions was ranked first in the last three Madison Advisors Print Industry Best Practices Studies, when measuring the business practices associated with the manufacturing and delivery of personalized documents such as statements, transaction confirmation and checks for print/mail and electronic delivery.

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 02 December, 2009, 04:28Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

My first reaction to this story was - so what? After careful consideration I've upgraded my reaction to - who cares?

Matt White
Matt White - Finextra - Toronto 02 December, 2009, 09:26Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

How can you say that Keith? I for one am sick and tired of those pesky 'horizontal' cards. This is the "breakthrough" I've been waiting for!