Deutsche Börse connects 100th participant to proximity services

Source: Deutsche Börse

100 Eurex and Xetra participants, vendors and service providers already use the two Proximity data centers in Frankfurt, benefiting from the low latency and the high bandwidth of the Enhanced Broadcast Solution and Enhanced Transaction Solution interfaces. Another five customers are soon to be connected.

"This confirms Deutsche Börse Group's irrefutable role as leading European exchange in this field and highlights its attractiveness for trading houses that pursue latency-sensitive algorithmic trading strategies," said Matthias Kluber, Executive Vice President and Head of Networks and Infrastructure at

Deutsche Börse Systems. "Since the launch of the first Proximity data center in 2006, we have experienced continuous growth in demand for low-latency locations from our trading participants, despite the deepening economic crisis. For us, this is the result of constantly optimizing not only our own infrastructure but also the range of additional proximity and low latency trading services we offer."

For example, Deutsche Börse Group has made it possible to transmit private newsfeeds unencrypted via the Enhanced Transaction Solution interface, thereby saving more time. This communication channel is safeguarded by way of additional technical features such as infrared surveillance systems and armored conduit for cable ducts. Since August 2009, a new 10GBit/s backbone data line has also been in place between London and Frankfurt, setting new standards with its network latency of under five milliseconds.

New Proximity participants can initially test the new services with their algorithms and trading engines under the Proximity Tryout scheme - which features 100 percent realistic conditions in terms of latency and data throughput. Teams and services from Customer Technical Support and ExServes will be available to help. In order to manage its permanent proximity installations securely and cost-effectively in the long term, Deutsche Börse Systems offers fast and reliable management links via its worldwide network.

"We will continue to meet the high demands many customers place on our trading infrastructure in terms of latency, performance and implementing technological progress in the future," commented Matthias Kluber. "And our IT security and availability standards will remain high."

The Eurex and Xetra members that use Deutsche Börse Group's Proximity Services come from all over the world. Eleven different countries are represented, including Germany, the UK, the US, the Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The participants include international universal banks, renowned hedge funds and highly specialized algotraders. 21 percent of all Eurex and 18 percent of all Xetra members already use a Proximity data center.

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