Pan American Bank (Los Angeles) taps social media

Source: Pan American Bank

Pan American Bank (Los Angeles) today announced that it has entered the world of social media and Web 2.0 through the launch of a blog, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Pan American Bank's social media entry enables consumers to share their banking experiences, offer and read reviews and comments, and learn more about Pan American Bank's current initiatives.

"The Bank's marketing strategy includes making Pan American Bank more accessible through new media channels that include a blog, Facebook page and Twitter account. As social media use continues to rise among our target customers, it makes sense that we supplement our customers' experience through the use of social media," said Pan American Bank President and CEO Jesse Torres. "As a bank we have a responsibility to meet the changing needs of our customers, including adopting new media in a manner that enhances our customers' overall experience with the Bank.

"The use of social media is about more than just marketing. Social media is the perfect tool for managing the Bank's reputation and identifying issues that may be circulating. Through social media Pan American Bank can manage customer concerns and gain control of them as they develop rather than after they have gained momentum and taken on a life of their own. Social media also allows us to proactively monitor conversations that involve the Bank in an effort to identify new features, products and services that our customers need."


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