Banque Accord selects Informatica for data integration

Source: Informatica

Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the world's number one independent provider of data integration software, today announced that Banque Accord in France has standardised on Informatica to accelerate decision-making throughout the business, optimise business agility, and increase efficiency.

Informatica will be the cornerstone of a data integration strategy geared to delivering timely, trustworthy data both across the bank and to its extended partner network. The bank, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Auchan group, specialises in financial products and services including payment solutions, savings, insurance and private and international payment cards. The company was previously reliant on a disparate, fragmented suite of systems to support its three million French customers.

By introducing a unified view of each customer relationship across all products and channels, based on the Informatica Platform, Banque Accord would be uniquely positioned to target new lines of business, cross-sell and up-sell financial services solutions to existing customers, and deliver a more consistent and rewarding service experience. Integrating information across the business will enable the bank to reduce the costs associated with running multiple data integration solutions and diverse business intelligence tools. Ultimately, Informatica will help reduce the costs associated with infrastructure, development, support, maintenance, and change management.

Informatica and Teradata partnered to provide Banque Accord with a powerful, flexible integration solution for data integration and data warehousing. Together, they will help the bank enhance visibility across business units, synchronise mission-critical operations, achieve transparency for regulatory compliance, and reduce costs and implementation risks.

"This standardisation on Informatica is a landmark step in the bank's journey to becoming a more agile, efficient, and customer-focused financial services provider. By unlocking crucial data and making it available in real-time to everyone in the business, Banque Accord will be poised to target new customers and better serve existing ones, grow revenues, and maximise the operating efficiency," said Philippe Eymond Manager Urbanisation, Architecture and Internet Service, Banque Accord France.

By placing right-time information at the fingertips of managers and executives, the Informatica Platform will accelerate decision-making, increase agility, and deliver a competitive edge in the bank's strategic planning. Banque Accord chose Informatica based on a rigorous proof of concept (POC). The determining factors were the market proven quality of the solution set, its rich functionality, and professional nature of the Informatica team.

"This implementation at one of France's most respected financial services institutions extends Informatica's success in the sector," said Chris Boorman, chief marketing officer, Informatica Corporation. "Business agility in the financial market is all about access to timely, relevant, and trusted information. The Informatica real-time data integration platform has a proven track record in helping organisations like Banque Accord to react more quickly to the demands of the market, changing market conditions, and competitive threats."

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