SuperDerivatives signs Montesquieu Finance and Montesquieu Kleynen

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives (SD), the derivatives benchmark and multi-asset front office solution, has been chosen by Montesquieu Finance and Montesquieu Kleynen for pre- and post-trade pricing and management of clients' interest rates derivatives portfolios.

Montesquieu Finance is one of Holland's top finance and treasury advisory firms. The company needed access to independent, real-time price checks on interest rate and currency derivatives, as well as an efficient and effective portfolio management tool to monitor its clients' portfolios.

Montesquieu Kleynen is one of the country's leading pension fund management companies. In order to accurately hedge the risk associated with client portfolios and maximise investment opportunities across interest rate swaps and options, Montesquieu Kleynen required a post-trade solution and an accurate, independent pricing tool.

The companies chose SD's interest rates solution for its combination of unrivalled power with intuitive and easy-to-use functionality in delivering real-time, market-accurate prices, risk management and analytics for interest rate options in all currencies.

SD delivers prices for an extremely wide range of interest rate derivative instrument types, as well as a comprehensive range of revenue-generating sales tools, advanced decision support, booking and risk tools.

Stefan Roosendaal, Partner at Montesquieu Finance, comments: "As our firm expanded, the need grew for an easy to use pricing system that could cope with many different types of derivative products. SD empowers Montesquieu Finance to make accurate price checks of plain vanilla and complex derivatives as well as structured loans. The added value of this ability is particularly high in the current market environment with counterparty pricing not always being as competitive or transparent as it once was."

Angelique Paulissen, Managing Director at Montesquieu Kleynen, comments: "The financial sector in Holland has seen a massive demand for pension fund management services in the last year or so, and we wanted to ensure that we could offer our clients the best possible investment opportunities.

"SD gives an extra level of reassurance by allowing us to compare the prices we are quoted in the market with the true value of a particular structure. This has dramatically increased the level of service we can offer our customers, while the post-trade facilities have proved invaluable in managing operational risk."

Amitai Ratzon, Regional Sales Manager at SD, comments: "SD is the most comprehensive and cost-effective interest rates derivatives solution in the market, and being a software as a service web-based solution it has allowed both Montesquieu Kleynen and Montesquieu Finance to access a comprehensive derivatives solution for all pre-trade and post-trade reporting requirements almost immediately."

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