SunGard Front Arena adds trading support for for Xetra International Market

Source: SunGard

SunGard has added trading support for Xetra International Market (XIM) to Front Arena, its global capital markets solution that delivers position control across multiple asset classes and business lines.

Xetra International Market is a pan-European blue-chip trading platform recently launched by Deutsche Börse, one of the world's leading exchange organizations.

Front Arena's connectivity to Xetra International Market has been available to its customers since its launch on 2nd November 2009.

XIM, which is based on the exchange's Xetra electronic trading platform, provides Xetra members in 19 countries with trading for European blue-chip stocks, including the constituents of the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 pan-European large-cap index, and allows Front Arena customers to settle trades in their domestic markets.

XIM integrates with Front Arena's low-latency smart order router, which helps participants to add the trading platform as a new routing destination. Front Arena's smart order routing capability is a component of its order management system, which helps customers extend existing order routing configurations to a true multi-market environment. Front Arena'sintegration with Xetra International Market offers customers an optimized trading environment by providing the ability to leverage proprietary trading, as well as position keeping management, market making, online brokerage, order management, direct market access (DMA), smart order routing, out-of-the-box algorithms and more.

Michael Krogmann, executive director in the Xetra Market Development Division at Deutsche Börse, said, "We are happy to welcome SunGard as an important software provider for Xetra International Market, our new segment for pan-European blue-chip trading. By introducing the individual markets progressively until mid-January 2010, we are addressing the requirements of market participants. SunGard's Front Arena will help to ensure that all processes, systems and interfaces for trading, clearing and settlement can be checked per domestic market along the entire process chain and integrated gradually."

Tim Dodd, head of product managgement at SunGard's Front Arena business unit, said, "Connecting SunGard's Front Arena to XIM will help our customers to access liquidity at competitive prices. The addition of connectivity to Xetra International Market shows we are delivering on our promise to offer reliable solutions that help customers deal with increasingly fragmented liquidity."

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