Sagem Orga and Dictao team on e-banking security

Source: Sagem Orga

Sagem Orga (Safran group), a leading expert in the smart card market, and Dictao, a leading software company for paperless process applications based on electronic signatures and authentication, have announced the release of the ypsID Authentication Server (YpsID™AS).

YpsID AS provides authentication functions for users of e-banking applications requiring a high level of security using YpsIDTM tokens.

YpsIDTM AS is based on the Dictao Access Control Server (DACS), a multi-method authentication server (bank cards, mobile phone, certificate, etc.) certified to level EAL3+ of the international Common Criteria standard. With YpsIDTM AS, designed on the basis of the Dictao authentication server, and ypsIDTM tokens, Sagem Orga is able to offer a complete turnkey signature and strong-authentication solution.

E-banking, which is at the very heart of Sagem Orga technology and expertise, is an area of particular strategic importance. The development of e-banking requires a guaranteed high level of security to prevent fraud and to reassure clients.

According to Maximilien Nguyen, Vice President of IAM at Sagem Orga: "To provide a global response to the security requirements of banking services, Sagem Orga has rounded out its portfolio of industrial products (cards, USB tokens, terminals and readers), of which it is an accomplished designer and manufacturer, with a 'systems' dimension comprising a turnkey server and services solution. We relied on the expertise provided by Dictao for the development work. The Sagem Orga e-banking portfolio is a complete transaction and access security offering provided for online banking operations. Combining user-friendliness and security, it is perfectly suited to BtoC environments for large-scale deployment. It has been designed to handle the issue of public rollout by combining user-friendliness, price and compatibility with all environments, while offering a high level of security based on smart card standards."

Particularly YpsID AS, designed for mass BtoB and BtoC applications, is capable of handling the authentication of several million users and of withstanding the related loads. It is based on the Dictao Access Control Server (DACS), which provides a very high level of security, certified and qualified as Common Criteria EAL3+ by the French Central Department of Information System Security (DCSSI).

The server supports multiple authentication methods (OATH, EMV CAP, OTP SMS, OTP/Radius, date of birth, etc.). According to Florent Latour, Deputy Managing Director at Dictao: "We are delighted with our partnership with Sagem Orga, which has enabled us to add a new authentication method to our DACS server, ypsIDTM OATH tokens, a technology we trust and believe to be user friendly, cheap and secure - perfect for authentication of private clients. This partnership will again show how Dictao Access Control Server is upgradeable and capable of supporting all methods of authentication."

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