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Slib provides its expertise to Private Banking players with an innovative offer: Slib Wealth Advisor.

SLIB Wealth Advisor is an intelligent platform designed to help customer advisors monitor and enhance the relationship process with their clients and facilitate the sale of the best suited products and services. This highly specialised banking tool is able to synthesise large amounts of information and complex business alerts coming from the bank's various operational systems in a simple, transparent manner: positions, portfolios, available cash, compliance, order books, market information, etc. SLIB Wealth Advisor brings real added value to the management of client relationships.

SLIB Wealth Advisor enables the bank to:

  • Optimise sales activities by combining quantitative, qualitative and behavioural criteria to ensure the required level of compliance;
  • Coordinate the activities of Account Managers by activating relevant indicators and typologies (field sales, business development, etc.) to assess the respective contributions and the right remuneration;
  • Monitor the results of the sales processes by comparing results with targets in real time to estimate the economic viability of operations.

SLIB Wealth Advisor is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that can be activated via a standard web browser.

SLIB Wealth Advisor is more than just software: it is delivered already populated with a set of business rules applicable to Wealth Management:

  • Initial professional content (rules, processes, standard portfolios, etc.) is enriched with client segmentation information and the particularities of each establishment.
  • SLIB Wealth Advisor aggregates offers, products, services, regulations, targets and operating processes.

SLIB Wealth Advisor adds an additional facet to the SLIB software portfolio for private banking: the ability to assist the decision-making process. Combined with the operational efficiency of SLIB Portfolio Manager, coupled with SLIB OMS* for Straight-TThrough Processing of customer orders: SLIB Wealth Advisor ideally completes the SLIB offer for Private Banking.

Véronique Boizard, SLIB Marketing manager declares: "Risk and cost control, operational excellence, compliance with the latest regulatory evolutions and the development of innovative sales strategies to retain customers represent today's challenges for the private banking industry. The SLIB offer empowers private bankers by providing them with innovative tools to meet these challenges".

* Order Management System

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