Paragon Application Systems develops e-payment testing in the cloud

Source: Paragon Application Systems

Many major corporations are realizing that they can gain efficiencies by accessing software applications in the "cloud" - the popular symbol for the Internet.

As a leader in ePayment testing software, Paragon Application Systems developed Web FASTest to offer their customers centralized, unattended, Web-based testing. Motivated by a combination of user interest, advances in technology, and an economy that demands unparalleled efficiency, Paragon has extended Web FASTest to a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, a cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing which, simply put, offers the ability to access applications and files via a Web browser, benefits users by offering continuously updated software and by reducing the costs associated with software installation, management, and maintenance. Users access software "in the cloud" on demand via a Web browser - a solution that is particularly appealing to institutions challenged by a distributed workforce or limited test lab equipment. As organizations focus on controlling costs and improving efficiency, SaaS is rapidly gaining appeal among Paragon's clients.

"The SaaS model enables our customers to focus on testing results rather than the testing infrastructure. There are many aspects of this offering that will address issues organizations struggle with on a daily basis: these include an unpredictable cost model, maintaining software and hardware assets that reside in silos, and a workforce that is distributed around the globe," explains Jim Perry, VP of Sales and Marketing for Paragon Application Systems. "Paragon's SaaS offering provides the testing you need, when you need it. The service offers a predictable and manageable cost structure and allows users based in any time zone to work together under a common set of testing services to focus on implementing and maintaining their mission critical ePayment systems."

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