Aegon Investment Company sign up to EMX Message System

Source: EMX

Aegon Investment Company (Ireland) Plc is the latest provider to sign up to the EMX Message System bringing on its range of Dublin domiciled funds.

AEGON already has its UK domiciled funds available through the EMX Message System and has now made available its Dublin funds via a second ID.

Richard Dixon, Head of Pooled Sales, Continental Europe for AEGON said: 'We are pleased to be able to offer our Dublin funds through the EMX Message System. We have experienced the great distribution benefits for our UK range of funds and now aim to achieve the same success for our Dublin range of funds.'

Yannic Weber, CEO of EMXCo said: 'I am delighted that AEGON have brought their Dublin fund range onto the EMX Message System. It is great to see this continued support from our clients adding momentum to the steady take up of the EMX Message System in the second biggest European offshore funds market'.

To date this year EMXCo have welcomed 75 new joiners to the system and have seen volumes of messages through the system increase by 29.4% to 21.6 million compared with the same period in 2008.


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