Verifi and Merchant e-Solutions team on CNP payment service

Source: Verifi

Verifi, a leading provider of risk management solutions for card-not-present merchants, and Merchant e-Solutions (MeS), a global internet-based payment provider, today announced a partnership to jointly deliver a next-generation technology solution for risk management and payment processing.

Integrating Verifi's suite of fraud prevention services with Merchant e-Solutions' innovative payment platform equips card-not-present (CNP) merchants with a powerful set of risk mitigation and business management capabilities.

Verifi's Intelligence Suite platform provides merchants with an unparalleled single solution to manage and minimize the risks associated with CNP transactions while maximizing overall profitability.

The unique joint offering features access to Visa and MasterCard's Account Updater, enhanced cardholder data, and an immediate electronic connection to chargeback and fraud data. Verifi's direct integration with MeS eliminates the tedious process merchants are faced with of faxing or mailing chargeback representment documentation back to their acquirer.

Merchant e-Solutions has also been designated as a preferred merchant account provider by Verifi. Coupled together, their secure, streamlined, and entirely web-based solution provides merchants with an efficient and easy to deploy payment processing platform.

"Verifi offers a valuable service to merchants who require a more sophisticated transaction analysis in order to identify and mitigate risk. The solution complements Merchant e-Solutions' commitment to work diligently with our merchants and integrators to help merchants process as efficiently as possible while avoiding chargebacks and risk," said Jim Aviles, COO, for Merchant e-Solutions.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with Merchant e-Solutions. Our joint effort to provide a superior level of information for merchants is driven by our mutual clients who seek higher performance and better data access from their payment processors. Working together, we are answering this need," said Verifi's Chief Executive Officer, Jennifer Schulz.

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