Level Four makes South American move with TecBan deal

Source: Level Four

Level Four, the leading provider of open standards-based ATM software, today announced that TecBan, a company specialized in ATM network management, is using Level Four's BRIDGE:test in their ATMs to deliver greater test automation to their network of over 6,800 ATMs.

With the new technology, TecBan can provide better customer service to its clients - the largest and most important banks in Brazil - by improving quality and increasing the speed to market of the new functionality. Additionally, automating test procedures have provided TecBan with more rigorous and frequent testing at a reduced cost to maximize availability of their ATM network.

Prior to the implementation of BRIDGE:test, TecBan performed the tests using a tool of smaller scope and little flexibility. This approach was both time and cost intensive. Brazil is the third largest ATM market in the world, consequently TecBan felt the need to use a new technology that rendered the performance these tests easier, besides offering other new services according to demand. To address these challenges, TecBan needed a faster end-to-end solution, capable of speeding up the implementation of new services. TecBan selected Level Four as supplier for testing application software in ATMs, signing the contract in May. With BRIDGE:test, TecBan have incorporated the technology in the development life cycle, enabling new services to be rapidly rolled out to the market and ensuring high levels of ATM availability for their customers.

"ATM use in Brazil is growing rapidly, and our goal is to keep expanding our network, in a constant and progressive way. To meet this demand, it is essential that we have the systems in place to provide our clients with the highest levels of service, including the ability to implement new functionalities. Level Four leads the technology market in ATM testing and, as such, it was a clear choice for TecBan. Since implementation, we have already seen a significant leap in testing efficiency", says Lisias Lauretti, TecBan Technology Director.

Ian Kerr, Level Four CEO said, "As Level Four's first project in Brazil, this is a significant and exciting deal, which marks our first step in the South American market. As the ATM market in Brazil continues to grow, it is essential that network providers have the infrastructure and software in place to maximize the availability of the ATM channel."

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