Discover taps Inside Contactless for Zip

Source: Inside Contactless

Inside Contactless, the world leader in advanced open-standard contactless chip technologies, today announced it has signed an agreement with Discover Financial Services for the development of future Discover Zip contactless payment devices.

Through this partnership, INSIDE has committed to support Discover Zip in upcoming versions of its award-winning MicroPass contactless payment platform, and has been designated a preferred vendor for card-based Zip implementations.

The MicroPass 4002 contactless payment processor is the first Discover-certified implementation on the market. Designed from the ground up for Discover Zip contactless payment applications, the MicroPass 4002 offers superior transaction speed for an enhanced cardholder experience, enabling contactless transactions to be completed quickly and reliably. Card issuers have access to a complete suite of form factors, including chip, module, card inlay, fob inlay (mini, 2D, 3D), sticker or paper ticket configurations. With pre-certification to Discover`s requirements, MicroPass 4002- powered payment devices can be delivered to market quickly and easily.

"INSIDE`s MicroPass provides our card issuers with a multifaceted contactless platform from which they can build their unique product offerings," said Farhan Ahmad, general manager, prepaid & director of emerging payments, Discover. "Future MicroPass platforms will allow issuers to combine Discover Zip with other value-added contactless applications such as mass transit, building access and merchant loyalty programs in one convenient payment device."

Discover Zip is accepted at over 60,000 U.S. merchant locations and its payment devices can be issued by banks in many forms. In addition to the traditional bank card or key chain fob, a mini-adhesive card can be attached to personal items that are always at hand, such as a mobile phone, PDA or MP3 player. Purchases are made with a quick tap of these devices on a reader found at the checkout. Cardholders also benefit from additional security because the card never leaves the customer`s hand.

"This strategic agreement with Discover Network signals our commitment to supporting Discover Zip on future MicroPass products," said Charles Walton, executive vice president for INSIDE Contactless. "As a strategic partner, we will work very closely with Discover Network to ensure our future MicroPass products continue to provide superior Discover Zip implementations to meet their needs in the timeliest manner."

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