Patsystems upgrades electronic trading platform

Source: Patsystems

Patsystems, the global supplier of electronic trading technology, has upgraded its platform to increase its strength, versatility and resilience.

Patsystems has created a number of new technologies as part of the development of TradeMark, its next generation platform. These technologies have now been added to the current platform.

In the next few weeks Patsystems will also launch Pro-Mark, its new TradeMark front-end for high-volume professionals. Pro-Mark will operate on both the existing platform and TradeMark. Together, the enhancements to the current platform and the launch of Pro-Mark will ensure that Patsystems continues to provide industry-leading technology while TradeMark is progressively introduced.

Among the wide range of system improvements to the current platform are:
  • Real-time monitoring, which allows Patsystems and its customers to automatically monitor operating system performance, application availability and end of day/start of day processing around the clock.
  • Improved disaster recovery, including the automation of mission-critical back-up procedures such as the distribution of data between live and disaster recovery systems.
  • Higher availability and clustering options, providing automated fail-over of key components.
  • A single sign-on capability and a high performance market data server.

    The platform enhancements also include major functional developments:
  • Rapid file upload from external files such as Excel spreadsheets
  • Options crossing
  • A Synthetic Order Management module (known as SyOMS). This allows the creation and automatic execution of transactions (eg, strategies, stops, timed orders and GTCs) that are not supported by an exchange.

    Commenting on the changes, Kevin Ashby, CEO of Patsystems, said: "Our current platform provides an enhanced overall trading environment allied to a new and more versatile front-end. As a result, our customers will benefit from the latest technology and trading techniques. In straddling current and future platforms, Pro-Mark will maximise the enhanced power of the existing platform and provide a foretaste of even greater power when the migration to TradeMark is complete."
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