Opturo embeds Panopticon data visualisation technology

Source: Panopticon

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of Treemap data visualization software for financial services applications, today announced that Opturo Investment Process Automation, one of its OEM Partners, has introduced a major new product built using the Panopticon Developer SDK.

The system utilizes a variety of data visualizations, including Treemaps, Heat Maps and Scatter Plots, to allow fund managers to more effectively analyze the performance of their funds.

Opturo's ODIN Attribution Manager is a comprehensive, low-latency and web-based in-house performance and attribution solution. The application is specifically geared towards improving the quality of information available to fund managers while reducing the portfolio performance analysis costs. The software is capable of decomposing and properly analyzing each portfolio's unique investment process and provides reliable information to fund managers and investors that can enhance investment decisions.

Opturo ODIN Attribution Manager supports the following mission-critical functions:
• Daily, component-level, multi-currency returns for both longs and shorts
• Handles intra-day transactions, corporate actions, over-night cash flows and tax reclaim to provide accurate weights and returns for performance reporting and attribution
• Daily, trade-inclusive return and risk attribution
• Handles equity, fixed income and balanced-funds
• Custom decision trees support on-the-fly, user-defined, attribute structures
• Industry first implementation of true temporal data visualization for in-depth analysis of historical attribution data

Opturo is a Panopticon OEM Partner that utilizes the Panopticon Developer Software Development Kit (SDK) as a critical tool in the creation of the Attribution Manager product.

Kenneth D'Silva, President of Opturo Investment Process OptimizationTM, said, "ODIN Attribution Manager is the first system on the market that lets fund managers visualize detailed time series data. All of their historical attribution, risk and performance data is available on screen in displays that are easy to interpret. The Panopticon SDK allowed us to develop the front end very quickly;; it's easy to use and truly comprehensive. The StreamCubeTM data model made it easy for us to handle the large, fast-changing operational databases typically used in our client sites. The users love how easy it is to learn the system; the visual data analytics provided by Panopticon really set Attribution Manager apart from everything else available."

Willem De Geer, Managing Director of Panopticon, stated, "We've been working with the Opturo team for many years and we appreciate their in depth understanding of reporting, monitoring and analysis requirements for portfolio managers. Their ODIN Attribution Manager application is a new example of what is possible when you combine our data visualization technology with an in depth knowledge of user requirements."

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